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     U.N.I. provided services promote Gods love to inmates and ex-offenders.  Services help lower the recidivism rate through Gods Holy Word (bible).  Christianity (being Christ like) means changing from past lifestyles and ways of thinking by following the Word of God (bible).

     U.N.I. provides materials through established prison Chaplains and religious services bridging the prison ministry to outside organizations.  Provided materials are readily available to inmates wanting to learn more about God will for their lives.  Illiteracy rates are high with the prison system.  Christian literature promotes fellowship to individuals that have difficulty reading.

     U.N.I. provides resources for parolees including: Christian half-way houses locations, Church locations, pocket bibles, and parole/dress out clothes.  UNI makes presentations to churches and religious organizations.  We expand our network of supporting churches linking them to prisoner requests through our offices.  Correspondence between UNI and inmates stimulates connections with supporting churches and provides vital information used to send personnel resource listings for their parole location.

     U.N.I. services are provided by individuals, Churches, and Christian Organizations throughout the United States of America.  Our Non-Profit accepts tax-deductible donations through Pay-Pal or via mail.

     Donations of:  $30 buys a new pair of shoes, socks, and underpants
                          $70 includes above items plus shirt, pants, and postage

     U.N.I. clothing donations lower recidivism through employment.  Donations of new dress shoes, socks, dress pants, under pants, belts, and collar shirt (interview ready clothing) can be dropped off at the following locations:  Open Monday - Friday 11:00am - 4:00pm

     U.N.I. accepts donations of Christian literature, Christian pamphlets and religious materials to provide inmates reading material for the mind and the soul via mail to:

                                          Uniting Nationalities Institutionalized

                                                         P.O. Box 583

                                                      Nicasio, CA 94946


    Uniting Nationalities Institutionalized – ‘Your Christian Multi-Race Organization’ 2011